Guide to Starting a Watch Collection


Collecting watches is a hobby celebrated by many and for good reason: it is super addicting and once you buy one there is a good chance you will be hooked for life. Wearing a watch as a gentleman is important because its purpose is twofold: It functions as a time telling piece and it serves as a statement of your style.

My Experience:

I only recently dove into the hobby of watches in the past 2 years or so. The addiction began when I was talking to my now father in law about the watch he was wearing: a beautiful Invicta Diver which he still wears frequently. Before then I had always just looked at my phone for the time. I briefly wore an Apple Watch before I handed it down to my father as a gift and I decided that if I was going to be serious about watches that the Apple Watch, while being a great watch, did not fall into the category of a watch to use as a statement of my style.

I want to preface this post by saying that part of the fun of starting a watch collection is the journey of the collection. I did not buy these watches at the same time and almost half were purchased for a special occasion or given to me as a gift. I hope that as my collection grows I can remember the story that goes with each one, and share it with others. These watches are just suggestions and I hope that this blog post will be a recurring segment where others can share what they have collected. Watches should be selected to match your own style and personality. I will be starting a #watchoftheday segment for our Instagram feed where people can share what they are wearing.

Less is More:


Timex Weekender – Link

My first watch in this collection is a Timex Weekender and it is one of the least expensive watches. This was my gateway watch so to speak. One of the highest rated watches of all time, Timex is a highly respected watch maker. I wanted a watch that was durable, fit my style, and was reliable at keeping time. This is definitely one of the loudest time pieces I have but I love it. This is my go to watch when I am doing yard work, or anything wear I know the watch could get banged up. The Weekender is still going strong and gets a lot of usage.

Oh you fancy huh?


Fossil – Link

The next watch in my collection in chronological order, (pun intended) is the Fossil Grant quartz watch. It is battery powered like the Timex Weekender but definitely not as casual. I chose this watch to wear when I am playing in my wedding band so that I match the leather jacket I wear as well as having the black strap match the black and white of our usual attire. The Fossil watch has quick release strap bolts so you can swap out the band easily.

Casual cognac:


Skagen – Link

After the Fossil I really wanted a cognac style band and saw this Skagen watch which is an offshoot brand of Fossil. I had heard of the Skagen name from different Reddit posters but when I saw this one for on $50 at TJ Maxx I knew I had to pull the trigger. The slim profile of the watch sold me on it!

Every second counts:


Timex Fairfield Chronograph – Link

The Fairfield above is super special to me as it was a Christmas gift from my now in laws. As I stated earlier my father in law and I talked about watches and how special there are as a family heirloom and this was and still is one of my absolute favorite watches. It features an amazing mesh link band and has a chronograph for keeping track of a timer.

Let’s dive into it:


Seiko SKX007 – Link

As summer was getting closer I knew I would need a reliable watch for when I go to my parents boat as well as the beach. Every gentleman should have a diver – they are water resistant to a huge depth and the feature incredibly tough glass so they can take a bit of abuse. This watch originally comes with a rubber strap which is super uncomfortable, but one of the highest rated straps to replace it with are the NATO straps. This is the James Bond Nato strap and this is another one of my daily drivers. It is also an automatic watch which means you will have to wind it manually if you don’t wear it every day.

Treat yourself:


Hamilton Khaki King – Link

This one is my holy grail and it served a very special purpose. I needed a watch to wear at my wedding and I needed it to match the suit and shoes I bought for the big day. Hamilton watches actually started being produced in Lancaster! Click here for more info on how Hamilton got its start! I saw this watch for the first time on the day I went I took my wife in to get her engagement rings cleaned for the first time at Brent L. Miller Jewelers. It immediately grabbed my eye due to the brushed steel casing and polished steel rim. This is my main daily driver and while it shows scratches, this watch still remains one of my top watches of all time.

Remember me:


Pocket Watch – Any Etsy provider

The last watch on my list was also for the big wedding day, and as silly as this seems I didn’t buy it to wear it that day. I bought one for all my groomsmen and had their names engraved on the outside casing. Every watch should have a purpose but a pocket watch dresses a suit up instantly and is nice because it can be hidden. When going to any formal event a watch is normally considered rude because you shouldn’t be worried about the time at such a gathering. I hope that the gentleman hold on to these watches for many years to come!

One last thing:

Protect your investment!

My wife realized I was serious about starting an actual collection and decided to buy me a 10 watch Fossil collection case. A case is so important because it not only keeps your watches organized but it keeps them looking pristine as well. One of the biggest reasons I got into watches is to have the collection last more than a lifetime and the case will ensure that they are around for a long time! It does not have a window to look at the watches but they are definitely available with displays so you can see your collection while it is being protected.

Start Collecting!

So that is my collection, and I hope that through reading this article you see that building a watch collection can be an awesome hobby and serve many purposes in a gentleman’s daily life! Please consider sharing out what your watch collection looks like and what your must have watches are!