Place of Interest: Bulls Head Public House

Street view of the Bulls Head Public House sign in Lititz

In today’s vibrant beer scene, there are countless options to meet with friends for consumption of your favorite beers and liquors. While most locations attempt to fit in with the competitive market, few places manage to actively seek out and rotate their selection well enough to garner the beer drinking connoisseur’s eye- and that’s exactly what we have to share with you today.

Enter Bulls Head:I

In Lititz, PA there is a bar that takes on the traditions of an English public house- you seat yourself browse through the menu and beer choices and then order your beer and food at the bar. That means that you don’t have to worry about getting interrupted before you’re ready to order in addition to eliminating the worry of someone cutting into your conversation at an inopportune time. It’s no secret that their bar is known throughout PA, as they have won the best PA beer bar award the last three years running.


Drinks of the evening: Relic Brewing Company’s Feral King IPA and Spire Mountain’s Dark and Dry Apple Cider

You may be thinking, ‘what makes the Bulls Head so great?’ One of the many excellent things about Bulls Head is the variety of the menu. It has all of the standard pub fare you’d expect as well as some traditional English favorites. My favorite is the shepherd’s pie, but even their burgers are pretty fantastic as well. If perchance you’re looking to get quality beers but want a slightly nicer décor, The General Sutter is literally connected to Bulls Head and can certainly host for any sized party you may have (The Sutter also has rooms available should you decide to make a trip out of your drinking).

The Shepherd’s pie

Then, of course, there’s the beers… A constantly rotating 14-beer tap list as well as 2 rotating cask-conditioned offerings as well as 80 different bottled beers at any given time. I’ve never been in to find any of the beers on their list not be solid choices- many of their beers are rated higher than a 4-star rating based upon many reviews on Untappd. To top it off, you can view their bottle list and tap list online at any time on their website to make sure the tap list suits the company you’d like to drink with. Lastly, all of the beer servers are Cicerone Certified to make sure that every pour and every quip about your beer fits style, perfection, and enjoyment without fail.

Cornish pastie with brussels sprouts with a side order of pub fries

In addition to their excellent beer options, Bulls Head also offers friendly bar staff that can mix up just about any mixed drink you can imagine including their Green Tea- a favorite of many locals. However, they do not offer any kind of mixed drink with an energy drink in it (or any regular energy drinks)- so don’t bother trying to get one if you’re there.


Table number spoons, menus, glassware, and part of the small bar in the second room of the Bulls Head Public House

The public house has some varied seating available for your various needs. On the dining room side, there are quite a few different sizes of tables, as well as outdoor seating for when the weather is right. There are standard chairs as well as a few spots with bench seating against the wall. The main hall where the larger bar is kept has a long table with many seats at it if you have a large group and wish to be close to the main bar. The walls are adorned with various scenes of English nature- foxhunts, some old-timey pictures, old advertisements, some old plates, and many other suited items as well. One could spend the better of their evening there trying to see them all…


When you get down to the nitty gritty, you may be wondering what a trip to the Bulls Head might run you. Depending on if you get a full meal or just your beers, your cost can vary moderately. The cellar beers can get pricey (up to $30 for some of the rarer ones), but most of their pints can be had for less than $7 each. There are, of course, various pouring sizes available- all of which can be specified when ordering your beverage.  Just about any appetizer can be had for under $10, while many meals and burgers can easily be ordered for around $14 or less. Their traditional Entrees are fairly priced for their quality, but can run up to $34 for their filet mignon should you desire it. Finally, if you’ve room for dessert, it can be yours for $8 or less. Overall, you can anticipate spending about $75 for an app to share, 2 dinner plates, and a dessert to share if you’re both having a beer or two so long as you’re not shooting for all of the more expensive beverages and meals. Not a bad cost for a great night!

Chocolate molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream

Overall value:

Due to their frequent rotation of quality beers, ales, and ciders as well as their their delicious foods, knowledgeable staff, and relatively modest pricing, we believe that the Bulls Head is a must-see for anyone visiting the Lititz area or for any local Lancastastrian that has not yet had the pleasure of dining or drinking there yet. If you’re hoping for a more quiet dining/drinking experience, stop by on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Sunday. If you’re looking for that traditional pub experience, your best bet is most preferably Friday or Saturday for the rowdiest crowds (though it can be busy on some Thursdays as well).

Bottom line- if you’re a craft brew person that hasn’t had the pleasure of frequenting (or hasn’t yet visited) Bulls Head, you should put it on your list for your next outing. We know you won’t be disappointed!