Top 10 Gift Ideas for a Gentleman on Valentine’s Day

Gents of Lancaster has you covered for this upcoming Valentine’s Day by listing the Top 10 Gift Ideas for a gentleman on Valentine’s Day.

While we typically gear our writing towards men we also want to share with everyone what a perfect gift for the gent in your life looks like. These are in no particular order and are just a suggestion to get started.

No matter what gift you get, a gift should always have a purpose and take someone’s special interests into consideration. All 10 items on this list are under $100 and are items that a gentleman would definitely appreciate.

Make sure you vote for your favorite gift idea at the end of the article!

If you have other ideas please feel free to comment below and share your perfect list!

1. A Dinner or Experience out!

I chose to put this one first because for my wife and myself; holidays are a chance to go do something you have never done. They also give you the reason to treat yourself to a restaurant you may not normally go to. Consider traveling to a nearby town and staying at a B&B or going on a bar crawl. My wife and I visited Jim Thorpe, PA this past October and they had a beautiful Inn as well as several wineries and bars. The trip was a memorable one and we both look forward to going back. In addition, if your significant other enjoys performing arts, consider the Fulton for a show or the Ware Center for some good live music!

If you are trying to find a place in Lancaster to stay, the Lancaster Arts Hotel is amazing and highly recommended! Here are a list of some hot spots in town to have a nice dinner at:




Horse Inn

Annie Baileys

2. Bottle of Alcohol

This one requires you to know the gentleman fairly well. I am never disappointed when I receive a nice bottle because its something I rarely get for myself. A good spirit can be shared between the two of you or even can be shared with visiting company! I am making the following recommendations based on what type of alcohol your SO may prefer.

Scotch: Glen Livet 12 year

Whiskey: Jameson Black Barrel

Bourbon: Bulleit Bourbon

Liqueur: Amaretto

Vodka: Grey Goose

Rum: Captain Morgan

Wine: Elmo Pio Sweet Wine

3. A Quality Watch

I recently did an article on starting your own watch collection. Valentine’s Day is a great day to start your collection! Good watches do not have to be expensive and I think that your first watch should be sub $100. If you don’t get into the hobby you didn’t spend too much money on a watch and if you are hard on watches, it won’t break the bank to get another one! Due to the nature of my sub $100 theme I am recommending the Timex Weekender as the perfect gift in this list! The weekender is anywhere from $35 to $100 depending on the style and band you get for it! It is a great starter watch or for someone who just needs one for their collection. Timex is a trusted brand that has stood the test of time. I wear mine all the time when just relaxing or doing yard work. Click on the image to look at all the Weekenders!


4. Shave Set

One of my first articles was on how to get started shaving with a straight edge razor. If you have a gent in your life that appreciates the tradition of shaving then a shave set is an awesome gift idea! Getting started is easy, click here to check out my guide to shaving with a straight edge. Again we are trying to keep this gift under $100 so I chose a trusted brand that will help your gent get started! Click on the image to check it out!

5. Wallet

A gentleman should always have a proper way to manage his credit cards and money. I used to be that guy that had a thick wallet with every credit card and rewards card I had. It destroyed my pants pockets and made me feel off balance. It also hurt to wear it when I drove! Do your gent a favor and get them a slim wallet. Not only do they force you to be a minimalist but they also are super functional!

6. Quality Backpack or Briefcase

This makes a great gift for any gentleman no matter what their profession. As a teacher I love having a nice leather briefcase to keep all of my items in but you can never go wrong with a really nice backpack either!

(I know this break the price point a little but for just $30 more you get a lot nicer quality for your dollar)

7. SNES Classic

Perfect for the gamer gent in your life! Video games are a great way to relax and spend time with friends and what better way to relax than playing some of the best classics available? Bonus points to playing the games alongside your gent! He will be blown away that you got the gift for him and even more amazed that you want to try it too!

8. Record Player

As a musician this one is little more biased towards my preferences but a record sounds different to me than an mp3. The quality has a sound to it that is hard to describe but makes the music feel genuine. Plus there is the fun side of getting to collect all the different records! You and your gent can spend time listening to music together! This one doubles as a bluetooth speaker as well!

9. Cologne

A gentleman always makes sure to be clean and to smell good! This is a gift you can get your SO that they will appreciate because again it falls under the category of something you would buy yourself; but as a gift you can get something a little nicer. This one is super specific and is best done if you go together and pick it out together. My wife and I love and recommend the two scents below.

10. 23andMe Ancestry Kit

While this one is a little bit off cuff, it makes a great gift because what gentleman wouldn’t want to know more about their heritage? This is also a bonus because you get to learn more about your SO and that can lead to more hobbies/adventures that the two of you can have!

Vote for your favorite here!

That’s all for now, please feel free to share your gift ideas below and watch out for the snow this weekend!



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