Making the Case for Shoe Trees


Chris wrote a lengthy article about the 6 types of shoes every gentleman needs and that got me thinking about the state of my shoe collection and what I really needed to keep. I went through and threw out all the old sneakers I had and sorted down to the essentials that were still in good shape. Normally my shoes last a year if I am lucky because I move a lot for my job and gig shoes get pretty beat up. However this year I made a purchase that is well worth it and I am here today to make the case for shoe trees.

What are they?

Shoe trees are usually made from cedar and and come in various sizes depending on your foot size. Their “sole” purpose is to make sure that your shoes don’t get that annoying crease in them right away. They are usually less that $20 bucks for a pair and I highly recommend them if you have shoes that you want to last a really long time.

What else are they good for?

For people like myself who are active, shoe trees help remove moisture from the shoe. Think about the cedar blocks that people put in their dresser drawers. The concept is the same and it helps keep your shoes fresher longer. Not only do they stop the creasing, and remove moisture, but they also help keep your storage of shoes tidy. My wife has helped me to become a more organized person and it is hard to believe what my wardrobe used to look like including my shoe collection.

Where can I snag some?

I recommend getting as many shoe tree pairs as you have nice shoes. I use them for my (Pictures link to product):
Clark’s Beeswax Boots

Cole Haan Wingtips

Clark’s Bostonian Cap Toes

If you are just looking to get one pair to see if it is for you I recommend these shoe trees to start (picture is link to product):

That being said it makes more sense to buy in bulk and save some cash. If you have a couple of shoes that would benefit from using shoe trees consider getting the following (picture is link to product):

For less than $80 your whole shoe collection is covered!

That’s it from me today, short and sweet. I hope that this tip helps you maintain a solid shoe collection for many years! If you have anything to add share below!


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