ED-itorial: Spring Time Is Fish Time, and It’s High Time for a Good Fish

Hooray for Spring!

The gray veil of Winter is lifting and the warm glow of Spring can be seen on the horizon. Time to think of the many changes the turning of seasons will bring.

Indoor home improvement projects will become working in the garden. Watching television will become hiking, golfing, bicycling, etc. Pants will become shorts, shoes will be discarded for the comfort of sandals and drinking inside a tavern will metamorphosis into drinking outside on the tavern’s deck or patio.

Oh, what a magical time.

I look forward to this time of year with great anticipation.

The final days of winter will be spent organizing my kayak, taking inventory of my fishing tackle and general maintenance on my spinning and fly-casting rods and reels. Your passions will obviously lead you to different tasks.

These tasks however are looked upon as the springboard to better times ahead.

Whatever your preferences may be, it is most important to enjoy these days to the fullest. Time past is time gone. It doesn’t come back.

As a younger man I found myself with a quantity of time but little money. Later in life I was fortunate enough to have money but no time.

I fear in my later years that I will have time and money but no energy.

Such is life.

So make the most of this upcoming season.

Enjoy a park, a ballgame or the beach.

Go fishing like I do and match wits with an opponent that has a brain smaller than a tic-tac and lose.

It’s fun.

Edward Morrison