Cleaning your car and keeping it that way!

What does your car look like right now?

Unless you regularly wash your car then your car probably could use a little spring cleaning. Having a clean car is important for many reasons but the two that immediately come to mind are feeling like you are getting into a new car every time and a clean car shows that you take pride in the ownership of your vehicle. I try to wash my car at least once a month, sometimes more if it is necessary. When the weather is beautiful I like to wash and wax the car  by hand, but during the colder months I will go to a drive through.

Cleaning the car: the outside

My first step is usually to get the outside of the car done. I will either wash it by hand or take it to a drive thru. I use several products for the outside of my car. I use Mother’s Back to Black to restore the black plastics to their original sheen and I use Meguiar’s Tire Shine to keep the tires looking new.

Finally you absolutely need to pick up two to three microfiber towels to dry off your car and complete any detailing that needs done on the outside. I usually get all my products from Walmart and you can honestly pick whatever your favorite brand is.

Cleaning the car: the inside

This is where I spend a majority of my time. I keep things pretty clean year round but more on that in a little bit. I start with removing anything loose inside the car. This is critical to get every nook and cranny once you use your vacuum. I use a simple vacuum that is dedicated for my car with an attachment hose so I can get down beside the seats. Get every spot including the cup holders, the gear shift and down in the seats. One spot I have recently started to vacuum is actually under the hood. If you pop your hood there is an air vent where your defroster works. This area on my car collects leaves and other debris so I vacuum that out. Don’t forget your trunk, keeping a clear trunk means you have room whenever you need it!



Once the vacuuming is done I take an all purpose cleaner from Turtle Wax and go over the whole car with a microfiber cloth full of the cleaner. I then take a dry cloth and dry everything off. Sometimes I also use a scrub brush in order to get into some of the hard to reach crevices in the plastics.

A product I cannot recommend enough is the Weather Tech floor mats you see below. They definitely help keep your car feeling and looking brand new, are super easy to clean and help with snow during the winter and sand during the summer.  There are several brands of the product and they are spendy, but they help keep your car in top shape. Make sure to select your correct vehicle once you head to Amazon!

Cleaning the car: finishing up

By now the car is feeling really fresh, but also will smell of chemicals from cleaning. If its nice out I usually crack my windows so that the car can get that fresh air smell and is ready to go!


Keeping it clean:

I try to live by a couple of rules in order to keep my car in top shape year round:

  1. Get it washed or wash it once a month.
  2. Don’t eat fast food in the car (this one is really tough but helps a lot)
  3. Take trash out of your car every time you leave the vehicle if possible
  4. Keep cleaning supplies close on hand in case of an accidental spill
  5. Make it a habit!

If you make it a habit, you will feel like you are driving a new car all the time and it will give you peace of mind that the next time you hop in your car it will be ready to hit the road! Your passengers will thank you!

That’s it for me today, make sure to share your favorite tips for keeping your car clean and have a great weekend everyone!

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