Fear Knot! How to tie a bow tie!

I have always loved the look of a bow tie, but honestly until we started this blog I only owned clip on or latch bow ties. Most people tend to shy away from bow ties because they are notoriously difficult to tie. I attended a wedding where the groomsmen all had to wear self tie bow ties and the struggle was real trying to get everybody ready. Not only will you be able to tie your own bow tie by the end of this article but you also can save the day if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Why a bow tie?

They are super classy and utterly missing from most gentlemen’s wardrobes. Bow ties show that you care the detail in your attire.

Where to get one?

Click on the tie above to go check out Amazon’s selection of bow ties. They have great ties at only $12 a tie. You can head to a Jos. A Banks or Men’s Wearhouse but be prepared to spend over $30 each.

How to choose a bow tie?

Pick a tie that matches your character and helps you stand out. Have several options so that you keep people guessing as to what you may wear next!

How do I tie it without burning it!


  • You will need a long end and a short end. Make one sides ending match the hump on the other side
  • Fold the long end over the short end bring it under and over and rest it on your shoulder
  • Make a bow with the short end
  • Bring the long end down over the bow you just made
  • Grab the two edges of the bow and bring them together
  • A hole will form in the back
  • Grab the remaining end, fold it back and push it through the hole
  • Pull it through and grab opposite ends of the bow tie to tighten the knot!


That’s it! Don’t be afraid to try something new and rock a bow tie at your next big event!

Share your favorite bow tie below in the comments!


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