Making the case for NATO straps for watches

I think it is pretty obvious that I am obsessed with watches. Since starting this new hobby I have collected 8 watches, 4 straps, a watch box and an unhealthy obsession with Reddit’s watch exchange page. One of the coolest parts of owning a watch collection is the never ending combination of watches plus straps that you can create. Simply changing the strap can completely change the look and feel of a watch and breathe new life into it! It can also assuage the need to buy new watches, which in this line of collecting is money saving!

Today I am making the case for the NATO strap, which is a watches best friend in the summer!

History of the NATO strap

NATO straps were originally issued to British Military Regiments, and later were given exuberant colors to help identify what regiment they were in. For a super detailed look at it check out Gear Patrol’s article!

Why choose a NATO?

The number one reason I love using a NATO strap is they are super comfortable. I specifically use NATO’s during the summer months as they keep sweat at bay and are easily cleanable. Leather straps and rubber straps cause an immense amount of sweat and can cause chaffing, but NATO straps stay comfortable all day long.

Another reason is that there are so many different color options. I love the fact that NATO straps were used to identify what your regiment was and now people can customize their strap for their favorite sport team, school colors etc.

NATO straps are also super affordable. With Amazon you have access to thousands of NATO straps for a really great price. While you can get super high end straps, with such a low price you can literally have a different strap for every day of the week!

They are super easy to change, literally pull the old one off and toss the new one on in 1 minute.

Finally I love the way that a NATO strap con transform an old watch into a new treasure. They are perfect for leisure and can help breathe life into your watch collection.

NATO alternative!

I also am a huge fan of canvas straps! Barton Canvas straps are available from Amazon for $20 and have quick release springs that allow strap changes in 1 minutes as well!

Where to get a NATO?

Here are some trusty links to Amazon, all of these straps are under $25.

Making the swap!

Don’t be afraid to invest a little in a new strap for your watch collection. Breathe new life into an older watch. Add a little color to your life. Make your watch comfortable for summer use!

That’s it from me today, check out all the pictures of my NATO straps, head on over to Amazon and get your first NATO strap today! Already rocking a NATO? Share your favorite in the comments below!


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