Ted Smith – A Life Well Lived

First, let me say that I do not intend to write many articles that aren’t informational or at least light-hearted. However, this will indeed be one of my outlier articles (albeit a short one).

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted recently for our site, and there is a good reason for that: a recent passing in the family had left me with little time [and honestly, little motivation] to do anything outside of going to work and coming home to spend time with my wife and/or family. However, today my article will be written in Ted’s name, his honor, and to his memory.

My great uncle Ted was a magnanimous man and a true titan of anything he became a part of. He served in the military, he had an incredible intelligence, and he had a good living- yet he was always humble none-the-less. He was a man of faith and of virtue; the kind of person you read about in novels that people aspire to become. Yet through all of this, his used his gifts to nurture others rather than himself. He often donated to charities, and he also volunteered as often as he could for the greater good.

Ted was a patriot- there was never a day during his lifetime of homeownership where the American Flag was not flying overhead at his residence. He was an aeronautical mystic, as well as a pilot, and used his colossal knowledge to aid the AIAA in their goal of recreating the Wright Flyer in the role as their team leader. While fulfilling his duties in the service, Ted helped develop new ordinances, missile and space systems, and was in attendance at several space shuttle launches.

Ted possessed a wonderful sense of humor, and his laughter was more contagious than any plague known to this world. He gifted everyone in his vicinity with his gleaming smile as well as an honest and genuine interest in their needs. He never took anyone or anything for granted while giving so freely of himself. He hunted the land and donated to conservation groups to help keep our lands flourishing and preserved for future generations to come.

He was a man of valor and of principle. He believed in every job’s importance, regardless of the task, and appreciated everyone that worked around him that added to the collective continuum that is our country’s work force. He was a stalwart historian and an educated individual that always gave his time freely for those that needed it.

For all of these reasons and so many more, I feel blessed to have known him. Ted was the kind of person you’d hope to meet at least once in your lifetime- and yet I am able to cherish the memories of not only meeting him, but knowing him closely and benefitting from his sagacious wisdom and nurturing love during my entire life.

For 92 years he roamed this world, and for many more will he be remembered. Here’s to you, Ted, and a life well lived.

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