A Vacation Gem close to Lancaster!

All three of the gents lead incredibly busy lives. If you are like us sometimes you just need a chance to get away. As we are attending a wedding this weekend we decided to get an AirBnB close to the wedding venue and ended up in a sweet little village in Mt. Gretna. Mt. Gretna is a mere 30-45 minute drive from Lancaster. This little gem of a village has many different things to do and the amenities of the AirBnB make it a perfect spot to take a weekend trip without breaking the bank.

Places to eat:


This is where we went for dinner the first night and the food was pretty good. They were super busy as this is one of the only restaurants in the area so definitely make reservations! If its not too hot of a day this would make a great outdoor spot to grab a drink as their outdoor bar area is huge! This is a sister restaurant to Funck’s in Leola so if you love Funck’s this is the place for you!

Porch & Pantry:

Need some breakfast? Right in the heart of Mt. Gretna is Porch and Pantry. Which makes great breakfast. Again the wait was a bit long, but you can have your coffee self serve while you wait to be served which was perfect. There is a nice trail you can walk around while you wait which leads to our next spot on the list……

The Jiggershop Ice Cream Parlor:

The Jiggershop is a well known spot in Mt. Gretna and the ice cream they serve is delicious. All in all between all these different spots there is a pace for everyone in Mt. Gretna.

Things to do:

Hiking: There are plenty of trails to go hiking in Mt. Gretna, and although its close to Lancaster city, you definitely feel like you are far enough away from the city that you are in the wilderness.

Camping: Growing up I loved camping and their are plenty of spots to go camping in Mt. Gretna

Roller rink: There is also a roller rink which I thought was pretty cool considering I loved going roller skating when I was a kid. If you have kids this would make for a fun evening activity.

Bar: Already mentioned here but the bar at Hideaways makes a great spot to chill and enjoy time with your significant other.

Live Music: There are plenty of live music acts on the weekends so I highly recommend you make a trip to Mt. Gretna on the weekend.

Mini Golf: Who doesn’t love mini golf, again this would make for a fun day with your kids or significant other.

Places to stay:

AirBnB: I highly recommend this option as it was super affordable for us and it has all the comforts at home while still allowing you to go out and enjoy all that Mt. Gretna has to offer.

Camping: If you are more into the outdoors and need a chance to getaway, camping is definitely an option as there are several sites with 5-10 miles of Mt. Gretna

That’s it from me today, give yourself a chance to get away even if its only 45 minutes away! Let us know what your favorite part of Mt. Gretna is in the comments section below!


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