Lancaster Limelight Podcast: Emily Gertenbach

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Emily Gertenbach’s office is more than just a workspace. Walking through the door, it’s impossible to miss the collection of books next to her desk, the handful of mementos hanging from the shelves, and the obligatory Macbook that makes it part workspace, part home, and part museum.

Each item tells a story, whether it’s part of Emily’s personal history or a herald of what’s to come in her future. Lancaster Newspaper press credentials, a copy of the 2019 Associated Press style guide, an owl mug that looks like it should have a name of some kind — they’re all small pieces that point to two big facts about Emily’s life.

She writes, and she does it well. But she’s not a novelist. She’s a marketer. And very recently, she’s 100% self-employed.

Part entrepreneur, part pragmatist, Emily’s home office is organized and structured in the same way you’d expect a company. Everything has its place, and everything improves her ability to reach far outside her office walls and beyond Lancaster City to press a lasting imprint on the corporations and lives she touches.

With a career that’s taken its share of twists and turns, a supportive husband, and a strong appreciation what she’s both earned and been given in life, Emily Gertenbach may best be summed up in one word.


Lancaster, meet Emily Gertenbach.

Today, I want to highlight one of the best coffee shops in town, Passenger. Passenger is located on South King Street just before Penn Square, right across the street from the Lancaster Newspaper building (appropriately enough).

Passenger is important because they’re more than just a coffee shop. They’re a collection of some of the most positive and kind people I’ve encountered in the city, regardless of whether they’re on or off the clock.

I always remember Passenger because it’s the last place I went the day before my wedding, when I was nervous and jittery and thinking about all the things that could go wrong. The barista and I started talking, and he shared his own story about what it was like to get married, what he’s learned along the way, and a whole lot more.

It was the best unsolicited advice I’ve ever received, and it was purely because the advice came from a point of mutual connection. It wasn’t some shoehorned message to get me to buy more coffee. It wasn’t some weird ordering snafu where I said “small” and they tried to get me to say “tall.”

It was genuine.

With that kind of personality and connection running the place, it’s no wonder they have some of the best coffee in town. If you’ve ever wanted a small pitcher of coffee to pour into your own cup, this is the place for you.

And if you only just now learned that that was a thing, this is still the place for you.

And yes, I’m writing this and editing the episode in Passenger right now. So, yeah, I’m a little biased.

Anyway, check out Passenger on South King Street near Penn Square or their new location on Plum Street in the old firehouse. They’re good people.

Let’s get back to Emily.

I’d like to thank Emily for taking the time out of her Saturday morning to record this episode. It’s worth noting that the episode itself is about three months in the making, and it took a lot of rescheduling for us to get everything worked out. She stuck with it, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

If you want to work with Emily, look her up at and reach out to her at She could be just what your business needs to make a lasting online presence.

If you’d like to tell your story on Lancaster Limelight, you can reach out to the Gents of Lancaster at any time.

Just email us at We read everything we get, and we reply to everything we read. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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