7 Most Worth-It Purchases for Any Gent

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Ever wanted to get a gentlemanly thing, but you weren’t sure which kind of gentlemanly thing you should get?

(That’s a pretty general statement so we’ll assume you said “yes” for one reason or another.)

Shopping for something you want is a challenge when you don’t know what makes that thing quality.

After all, that’s the goal of picking up gentlemanly stuff — something that’ll give you an inward sense of satisfaction and an outward sense of distinction.

That principle is universal, whether you’re shopping for shoes or kitchen knives.

So what are the general things that a lot of gentleman want but don’t know how to find?

We got some help on this topic from a post on reddit. With that (and our own experiences), we’ve created a strong list of the most-sought and least-understood items that gentlemen want.

Let’s start with some of the manliest purchases a gent can make.

#1. Tires

Look at: Pressure, diameter, construction, mileage

Got a car? Get it some tires.

Tires are the most underrated feature on a car. Most people unfortunately never think to change theirs when they buy a new car, and their mechanics have to make recommendations for when it’s time to swap out for a new set.

That’s all well and good — but you’re the one driving your car. Not your mechanic.

If you slide on ice, snow, or even rain, you’re the one in the car that’s fishtailing and careening off into a river.

… Or something like that.

With that, here’s what you need to research to find a good set of tires:

  1. Pressure: Usually 32-35 pounds per square inch (PSI) for passenger cars
  2. Diameter: Your tires have to fit your wheels
  3. Construction: Tires are made of different materials, including freaking kevlar
  4. Mileage: Your tires will probably be rated for a certain number of miles before you need to change them again

Simple enough, right?

Tires are the gift that keep on giving because they may cost $700 for a set, but they make your car go and stop.

So. Y’know.

Buy the right ones.

By the way, Amazon actually sells tires if you’re confident enough to order them online.

Who knew?

#2. Hair Trimmers

Look at: Voltage, attachments, cord vs. cordless

Hair trimmers are essential for any gent who wants to take care of his facial hair and keep it to equal length.

Whether you’re obsessively grooming a full beard or half-assing a handlebar ‘stache, hair trimmers just make your life easier.

Here’s what to look for in a trimmer:

  1. Voltage: Probably 120v, but it never hurts to check
  2. Attachments: Is it just the clippers, or does it come with head attachments for different hair lengths?
  3. Cord vs. Cordless: Go cordless — it’s just easier

Unsurprisingly, Amazon has hair trimmers in spades.

I use this one from Philips Norelco. It’s stood the test of time (three years), and it still cuts nice and easy.

You can’t really beat all of the attachments on this little guy either. It’s only $20 and you can pretty much start a barber shop with it.

#3. Work Boots

Look at: Toe, material


Get some boots, y’all.

Boots are the best because they’re designed to stand up to rugged use and protect your feet.

That’s why every gent needs a good, solid pair of work boots.

Here’s what to look for:

  1. Toe: Steel toes literally give your feet armor
  2. Material: Leather is good, but more modern materials work better for wet situations

Honestly, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a good pair of sturdy steel toed boots.

They’ll keep your feet warm in winter, they’ll stay on your feet when you walk through mud, and they’ll give you the ability to kick through walls like you’re Captain America.

Boots that make you a superhero?

How could you say no?

#4. Weights

Look at: Free weights vs. adjustable

Every self-determined gent likes to stay in shape.

You don’t always need a lavish gym membership to do it, either.

Regular cardio and eating right can make all of the difference when it comes to your overall health.

But if you want some definition, it never helps to pick up some weights.

There’s one big consideration to… consider… when you want to pick out weights:

  1. Free weights vs. adjustable: Free weights will look like the ones in your gym, and adjustable weights come with plates so you can change the weight on the bar

For home use, adjustable weights are usually the weigh (ha!) to go.

Power Block makes a decent set of adjustable barbells.

They look a little “blockier” than the ones you’ll find from Bowflex or other big name brands, but they work just as well.

After all, lifting weights just comes down to picking up heavy things and moving them. It makes your arms look better, and you’ll probably feel a bit more confident as a result.

So who cares what they look like?

Peasants. That’s who.

#5. Multitools

Look at: Material, included tools

Multitools are like Swiss Army Knives if Victorinox had the good sense to include a set of heavy-duty pliers.

Multitools come down to two big factors:

  1. Material: Stainless steel is king, y’all
  2. Included Tools: You’ll get the pliers no matter what, so it comes down to how many knives and bottle openers you want

When it comes to multitools, there’s really only one make and model that we (or I) can recommend.

The Leatherman Super Tool 300 sounds like a cheap advertising ploy from 1987, and maybe it is. But the tool itself is out-freaking-standing.

This multitool comes complete with 19 tools (I bet you didn’t even know you needed that many) that all kick ass.

File stuff down. Strip plastic off of wires. Cut something up six ways from Sunday.

You got it all right there in your hand.

#6. Home Security Cameras

Look at: Operational distance from WiFi, subscription cost

Home security cameras are being made (and sold) like crazy right now.

Ring, Wyze, Nest — they’re all cameras that link to your WiFi and let you watch what’s happening on your doorstep through your phone.

So what’s important to learn when you’re shopping for a home security camera?

  1. Operation Distance: Every camera has to be within range of your WiFi
  2. Subscription Cost: Whether they say so on the packaging or not, every home security camera service comes with an annual or monthly cost

Alex and I both use Ring doorbell cameras. They work perfectly, and they’re surprisingly affordable.

The only bummer is that you have to take the battery out to charge your camera.

Otherwise, this little guy will give you peace of mind and show you when your mailperson is off their schedule.

#7. Houses

Look at: Location, age, roof, driveway, windows, plumbing, floor joists

Houses are the best. Homeownership is a whirlwind of responsibility, satisfaction, chest-sinking fear, and the dread feeling of near certainty that someone is stealing from you and you don’t know how to stop them.

If you don’t have the background to know what questions to ask when you’re shopping for a house, buying one is a freaking chore.

So here’s a few things to remember.

When you’re buying a house, look for:

  1. Location: Is this a place you want to live?
  2. Age: If it’s older than 1940, it probably won’t support central air
  3. Roof: Replace every 10-20 years — seriously
  4. Driveway: Is there one?
  5. Windows: Get double-pane air or argon filled window sashes (you’ll thank me later)
  6. Plumbing: PVC pipes are the absolute best, but copper is fine too
  7. Floor Joists: Are they decayed or have termites been snacking on them?

(Amazon doesn’t have houses for sale.)

I could spend a whole blog just talking about the qualities to seek when you’re buying a house, but that’s for another time.

Find a realtor you can trust. Save way more money than you think you’ll need. Have a list of items you’re willing to compromise to find a house that’ll work, even if it’s not your dream home.

Finally, look at all the details — including the ones above.

Buying a house is a trip and a half. But once you have it, it’ll cost you less than rent, you’ll build equity, and you’ll give your credit score a nice boost every month.

Go forth and become homeowners, gents.

It’s the best.

What’s Your Favorite Purchase?

Did I miss a purchase you made that keeps delivering the goods?

Do you have a favorite thing that changed your life?

Let me know in the comments!