Lancaster Limelight: Steve Ziegler

The neighborhood of Steve Ziegler looks like it’s cut from a calendar about 1950s Americana. Every home has its plot, every family has their space, and every intersection has a corner home with a nice porch. It’s the kind of neighborhood that was planned, but pulls off it’s careful planning with a certain white picket charm that makes you feel cozy. Accepted. Almost typical.

But typical is not a great description of Steve Ziegler.

Inside his front door is the decor you’d expect from someone who celebrates academia, outdoorsmanship, music, cooking, and family all wrapped into one. A biography of Leonardo da Vinci is on the coffee table, and the dining room table is draped in an enormous map delineating plans for a hike through a state park. A stately wooden piano stands against the wall opposite an ultra-sleek and modern kitchen with a quaint breakfast nook, and there’s a fully stocked bar of top-shelf liquor an arm’s reach away. Photos of his children decorate the wall, complete with a cache of instruments in a back room.

This eclectic collection of suburban life is a powerful reflection of the man who calls it home. Whether he’s talking about accepting change, the reasons his kids are awesome, or the events in his history that led him to where he is today, there’s one underlying truth to it all. In a world where everyone likes to play it straight and narrow, Steve is an S.

You haven’t met anyone like Steve before.

Lancaster, meet Steve Ziegler.

I want to thank Steve for taking time out of his Tuesday night to talk with me. It was great getting to sit down with him and hear the stories that led him to where he is now, especially with how they relate to Lancaster.

Hopefully, you got a glimpse of a person who has so much to say that we couldn’t possibly have gotten it all in one episode of the Limelight.

Do yourself a favor and check out Lancaster Creative Works. They’re always doing something new and exciting around town, and they’re some of the most energetic and welcoming people I’ve ever met.

And if you know of any punk bands that need a drummer, you know where to find one.

If you’d like to tell your story on Lancaster Limelight, the Gents of Lancaster want to hear from you.

Just reach out to us at We read everything we get, and we respond to everything we read.

We’d love to hear from you.

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