The 5 Ultimate Groomsmen Gifts (and Why They’re Awesome)

If you choose to get married, there’s a good chance that your wedding day will be the best day of your life.

And while your groomsmen probably won’t get married that same day, your wedding will still stand out as a huge moment for them, too.

Naturally, you’re obligated to get your groomsmen a gift or two as a thank-you for standing with you on such a momentous day — not to mention keeping any number of secrets from your bachelor party.

After all, your groomsmen have treated you well — especially your best man.

So what do you get the groomsmen who share your awesome day with you?

It’ll depend on what they want. But if you’re not great with gifts — I’m terrible at them — here are five sure-fire ideas that’ll make any groomsman remember your wedding day.


#1. Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are a sophisticated memento from yesteryear that still pack a stylistic punch.

While they’re not great casualwear, they’re idea for suits. Three-piece suits look especially sharp with a pocket watch on a nice chain.

You’ll find most pocket watches with a diameter somewhere between 3/4″ and 1 1/2″. If the watch is any bigger, it won’t comfortably in a suit pocket.

If it’s any smaller, you won’t be able to read it.

There’s also the issue of price. Because their name is synonymous with a certain degree of sophistication, it’s implied that pocket watches have to be expensive to be good.

Au contraire.

Good-looking pocket watches are available for $20 or less! Naturally, you can always pick up higher-end brands that’ll cost a little bit more, too.

But that’s not a price point for everyone.

Thankfully, you can pick up a pocket watch online that won’t break your bank.


We recommend the Powshop Classic Vintage Pocket Watch.

It costs less than $10, which makes it ideal for large wedding parties and tight budgets.

It’s also an all-around good watch with some strong reviews and an excellent overall appearance.

If you want to go for something a little more elegant (and expensive), there’s always the Speidel Brushed Satin Pocket Watch.

It’s got a great appearance, it’s colored a sleek black, and the finish will make an outstanding impression on the person receiving your lovely gift.

If you want to check out some other pocket watches, you can find a whole slew of them on Amazon.


#2. Flasks

Flasks are time-honored groomsmen gifts that celebrate boozin’ it up with your buds in a more elegant way than drinking Natty Lite out of a crinkled aluminum can.

Flasks are almost always used to hold liquor, so it’s important to keep that in mind in the event you have any groomsmen who have dealt with addiction or alcoholism in the past.

With that said, flasks are also fashion accessories for well-dressed groomsmen.

(They may not be allowed in your wedding venue though, so it’s good to double-check on that.)

A good flask will have a nice curvature to it to allow for the flask to sit comfortably in a suit jacket.

It’ll most likely be made of aluminum for the metal’s lightweight durability, but some flasks are also made of fiberglass and / or steel.

Finally, you’ll find that most flasks have a metallic or powder-coated black finish. This is to give the flask a timeless elegance.

You can probably find some pretty crazy ones too.

But we won’t worry about those… yet.


Fortunately for all wedding parties involved, you can buy flasks in bulk these days.

In fact, a lot of them are straight-up marketed as groomsmen or bridesmaids gifts.

That’s the case for Gifts Infinity flasks. Pay one price, get six black flasks, and have a kickass gift for everyone in your party.

Black flasks — like these — usually cost more than metallic-finish flasks because they’re powder-coated for durability. That’s an extra process that metallic-finish flasks don’t have to worry about, which is why they cost less.

Speaking of which, if you’re into metal or chrome finishes, you can check out the QLL stainless steel flasks.

These flasks come with all of the other cool accessories you need, like funnels to avoid spilling liquor.

If you want to check them out for yourself, you can always check out Amazon.


#3. Beer Steins

Beer steins are quickly becoming the wild west of groomsmen gifts. They can be anything from a simple stone mug to a far-out, buck-wild sculpture of an artisan’s deepest viking-inspired fear.

Seriously, it’s kind of ridiculous.

Anyway, beer steins are traditionally German-made mugs that come with a lid that you can open and close with your thumb.

The original German word — bierstein — literally translates to beer stone.

Incidentally, a lot of steins are made out of stone or metal, so the name is pretty true to the beer stein’s function.

Steins are often heavy, decorative, and show-offable additions to anyone’s home. They make great knickknacks, but they’re also ideal for… well… drinking beer.

The size, capacity, and material of a stein will all vary based on the creator’s intentions. As a result, prices can be all over the place.

Still, you can probably find a stein or two that’s in your price range for your groomsmen.


So what kind of stein should you get for your groomsmen?

Amazon has a pretty solid selection.

Their first comes from Essence of Europe Gifts, an organization that does its best to create historically accurate steins for collectors and enthusiasts.

This is a solid choice if you have groomsmen who are really into qualities like authenticity or historical integrity.

This is also a solid choice if you have about $70 to spend for each stein.

If your pockets aren’t quite that deep, you can opt for a more modern-looking stein that’s also on the affordable side.

While it’s not technically a stein, the Guinness Green Collection tankard is still a fun gift for any beer-loving groomsman.

You can probably get away with calling it a stein, too. Your groomsmen will just be stoked to have a cool new beer mug.

If neither of those options makes you javol your way into beer-gifted happiness, you can always check out Amazon’s other stein choices.


#4. Hatchets

I’m going to be honest here — hatchets are my personal favorite groomsman gift.

I don’t have a reason aside from the fact that they’re just cool.

These tiny hand-held axes are a blast to throw at targets, use during camping, or just have near your fireplace to break up kindling.

They have a million uses — including decoration.

So where do you start when you want to get your groomsmen a gift that would get them arrested if they tried to take it in an airport carry-on?


Hatchets are surprisingly affordable, despite the fact that they’re now artisan-designed like shoes.

One of the best-reviewed hatchets in the world comes from Estwing Sports.

This hatchet is forged from steel with an authentic leather grip — perfect for any outdoorsy groomsman or, by this point in fashion history, any dude with a beard.

“Forged” is important to recognize here. Just like with forged knives, a forged hatchet has its blade and tang made from one solid piece of metal.

Basically, that means it won’t break when you slam it against a piece of wood.

That also means the hatchet will cost anywhere form 25% to 50% more than a comparably non-forged hatchet.

That’s why Schrade makes another awesome hatchet that’s smaller, but just as durable.

Schrade’s hatchet also comes with a full tang, but the handle is made of rubber. It also comes with a belt sheath for convenience.

In other words, this isn’t the kind of hatchet you want to show off to people. It’s the kind of hatchet that’s made for function over style.

Plus, it’s so small that it’s basically a pocket knife.

If neither of these hatchets cuts it for you (haaaa), you can check out hundreds of others on Amazon.


#5. Grooming Kits

Men’s grooming is a topic that every groomsman should have to learn before stepping foot inside a suit, much less into your wedding party.

“Grooming” in general can refer to any aspect of a person’s appearance. Beard hygiene, bathing, hair trimming, fingernail care, and more all fall under the category of “grooming.”

Today, it has a stronger connotation toward facial hair than anything else. But that’s because beards are the new black and everyone wants to know how to make theirs not look like a tangled mass of bushes, wires, and abandoned birds’ nests.

Anyway, we’ll focus on that aspect of beardliness as well for the sake of continuity with what’s currently identified as men’s grooming accoutrements.


Philips Norelco has a solid beginner hair grooming kit that works with an electric trimmer.

It’s affordable, it’s well-reviewed, and I’ve personally bought this kit in the past. It’s pretty much perfect for anyone who just wants to keep their beard and mustache under control.

You can also pick something up like the Rapid Beard Grooming Kit.

The kit comes with everything that Rapid Beard makes to help facial hair look better and grow healthier.

These recommendations aren’t mutually exclusive either — they’re just different.

If you want to get your groomsmen the ultimate grooming kit, you can get them both kits and excitedly await them showing up to the wedding with the straightest and best-trimmed facial hair you’ve ever seen.

Then again, if your groomsmen don’t have facial hair, this idea could come across a little weird.

So, y’know, use your judgment.

If you want to check out all the grooming kits you can find, Amazon has them!


Get Your Groomsmen Gifts!

If you want to shop around for groomsmen gifts that aren’t in our list, you’re in luck!

There’s actually an entire online category of groomsmen gifts for people in your exact situation.

All you have to do is click to get started!


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