Backyard Oasis UPDATE!

I’m back!

So life has become a little more busy since the last time I was able to post on Gents! I missed it for sure but it feels good to be back and I will try to dedicate more time to hopping on to share the things that make being a gent awesome!

Our son was born April 1st, which has definitely kept us busy as well as working from home due to the current situation. It is my hope that we can use Gents of Lancaster to help you escape for a moment!

Now on to the reason I am posting……..

The weather is getting nicer every day and you know what that means? Time to get your yard game on! While the backyard does look pretty similar to my last post, I did make some notable changes and I think its worth mentioning! SO without further adieu here are some of the changes we have made over the past year!



Perhaps the biggest change we made to our backyard was to get rid of the hideous fence that was literally falling over. My neighbor and I split the cost and the people who did the fence did a great job and it is sure to last a long time. If you are looking to spruce up your backyard, a new fence makes a WORLD of difference.


Gate 1

See anything missing from our backyard? Yes we had our huge tree removed. It was an insurance hazard waiting to happen and although we miss the shade, the yard is so much easier to maintain and I don’t have new gray hairs from worrying about the tree falling on our cars or house. Again my neighbor and I split the cost and it was a great way to ramp up our backyard!



Last year I attempted to paint our patio with a light gray color and while it turned out alright with one coat, it got super dirty after a year and looked awful. This year I tried a much darker blue and I did two coats instead of one. It is so much easier to maintain and I am thrilled with how it turned out!


This was a lot easier than I thought it would be! All I had to do was remove a few bolts and remove the fencing. I also had to cut the posts down using a hacksaw right at ground level as digging them out was not an option. By removing this fence we increased our usable yard size by 3 feet!


Gate 2

We had to add fencing because we got rid of the chain link so we used wrought iron gates from Lowes! These gates are literally staked into the ground so its super easy to install them and they look gorgeous!


An added bonus to removing that chain link fence is that I was able to plant about three feet of additional grass so that we had more room to play yard games!




We have had a Ring Video Doorbell for a year now and it is so incredibly worth it! Having the peace of mind to be able to check on the house at a moments notice is something I will never be able to go without again. Ring added the Stick Up Cam to their lineup and it is perfect as an outdoor cam for the backyard. Now I can keep an eye on the front and back of the house!



Our old umbrella was neat because it had solar lights included but the lights died right away. The umbrella also lacked color so it made a bland backyard more bland. I ordered this umbrella on the cheap from Amazon to add a little color to our backyard.



The hose always was an eye sore because it was always just laying out. Do yourself a solid and grab one of these if you don’t have one and it will clean up the whole backyards appearance and also save you some space if you have a small backyard like we do!



Plants are tough right now because the weather keeps changing its mind but we got perennials so that once they are planted they will grow back each year! In addition we got mulch for our hydrangea bed!



Finally we added a landing strip of solar lights which are great in addition to the string lights we already had up. They are definitely nice to have especially when I get home from a gig late at night and need to see our walkway and the ambiance that they create at night is super charming.


Final Thoughts!

While the world is chaotic right now, we are able to escape the chaos and enjoy our backyard with our son. Try to find a little slice of paradise in your backyard and enjoy your families company during this time of uncertainty! Wishing all of you well and thanks for following the Gents! Scroll down to see pictures of the before!

A Walk Down Memory Lane…

Our yard before……….

Yard before

progress 1

progress 2

progress 3

Oasis status:

yard old



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