Lancaster Limelight: Matt Witkovsky

I’m meeting Matt Witkovski at his office with Nxtbook Media on Prince Street. We’re sitting down at a cafe table in the company’s break room, which overlooks the Barnstormers stadium. It’s a place rich with exposed brick, natural light, and an incredible amount of space for an office the size of a large condo.

When we sit down, Matt offers me a beer – and not just a Yuengling or Miller Lite. It’s a beer that clearly requires a certain degree of care, creativity, and interest to produce. It probably requires the same to properly appreciate.

As we toast to a good interview, I begin to get a glimpse at the man behind the beer. Confident and intelligent with a sharp wit and admirable sense of dedication, almost everything we talked about came back to a single concept.


Husband. Father. Salesman. Entrepreneur. Comic book aficionado.

Lancaster, meet Matt Witkovsky.

I can’t thank Matt enough for opening up the Nxtbook Media facilities for this interview. It was a great time, and the break room was a great place to enjoy a one-of-a-kind beer as we talked. I don’t know about you, but I know I’m walking away from this with a whole lot more information on what makes a beer good.

If you’d like to get in touch with Matt, you can go to to inquire about his brewery tours. Like he said, they’re great for every occasion. It’s not a party bus — it’s a way to learn and experience the beers in Lancaster.

I’d say that’s worth some time in the Lancaster Limelight.

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