Meet the Gents

Gentry Stoltzfus

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Gentry Stoltzfus, a perpetual inhabitant of Lancaster County, was raised a mere stone’s skip from Lancaster city in Leola. Gentry holds a degree in music education, is a researcher of performance-based organology, and is a butcher. While not working he enjoys savoring beverages, cooking, and practicing baroque trumpet. He is married to his wife Melanie.

Passions:Cooking/food, wine, fine spirits, video games, early music, history, meat cutting/butchery, and education

Chris Zook

Chris Zook is a Lancaster native who grew up in New Holland, moved to Bird in Hand, and lives in Lancaster City. He spends most of his time reading Wikipedia, writing for tech blogs, talking about the books he wants to write, and thinking of new D&D campaigns. He’s married to his lovely wife Michelle.

Passions: Eastern Lancaster County, storytelling, science fiction, personal finance, video games, podcasts, stand-up comedy, and YouTube.

Alex Goodman


Alex Goodman – Born and raised in Lancaster, Alex has spent his whole life enjoying the Lancaster life! A music educator and musician, Alex spends his time in Lancaster playing trumpet for Central City Orchestra and relaxing in the city with friends. Alex is married to his beautiful wife Nicole.

Passions: Music, Education, Video Games, Watches, and Style.

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