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The Charm of November: Amish Wedding Traditions Unveiled

Discover the enchanting wedding traditions of the Amish community in November, as this blog post takes you on a journey through their unique customs and beliefs.

Why Do the Amish Get Married in November?


The Amish community has a long-standing tradition of getting married in the month of November. There are a few reasons why November is chosen for Amish weddings.

One reason is that November is a time when the harvest season is over and the fields are barren. This means that the Amish do not have to worry about tending to their crops or other agricultural tasks during this busy time of the year. Instead, they can focus on preparing for their wedding and celebrating the joyous occasion.

Another reason for choosing November is rooted in tradition. Tradition in and of itself is a powerful factor in Amish culture overall, and it's indeed a major reason why they still exist: They do things the old way because they believe the old ways to be best.

Overall, the choice of November for Amish weddings reflects the community's deep connection to nature, their desire for simplicity, and their commitment to strong family values.

We'll take a deeper look at both of these reasons below.

Reason 1. No Harvest or Planting

One of the main reasons why the Amish prefer to get married in November is because it is a time when there is no harvest or planting to be done.

The Amish community relies heavily on farming, and during the harvest season, everyone is busy working in the fields to gather crops and prepare for the winter.

By choosing November for their weddings, the Amish can ensure that there are no conflicting responsibilities or distractions. It allows the couple and their families to fully focus on the wedding preparations and celebrations without worrying about the demands of the agricultural work.

Additionally, November is a time when the fields aren't fit for working and the landscape is transformed into a serene and peaceful setting. This creates a beautiful backdrop for the wedding ceremonies and adds to the overall charm and ambiance of the occasion, not to mention an appropriate scene in which the Amish can pray, express gratitude, and celebrate. 

Reason 2. Tradition

Tradition plays a significant role in the Amish culture, and getting married in November has become a long-standing custom for many Amish couples. This tradition has been passed down through generations and is deeply rooted in the community's beliefs and values.

November is often considered a time of reflection and gratitude in the Amish calendar. It is a month when the community takes a break from the busyness of other seasons and focuses on family, faith, and community. By getting married in November, the Amish couple starts their married life during this special time of the year, surrounded by the love and support of their community.

The tradition of November weddings also symbolizes the Amish commitment to simplicity and humility. By choosing a month that is not associated with extravagant celebrations or societal expectations, the Amish emphasize their dedication to a modest and meaningful wedding ceremony.

What Does an Amish Wedding Look Like?


An Amish wedding is a joyous and sacred occasion that reflects the community's values of simplicity, faith, and family. While specific customs and traditions may vary slightly among different Amish communities, there are some common elements that are typically observed in an Amish wedding.

Firstly, Amish weddings are usually held in the bride's home or in a nearby barn or community building. The ceremony is conducted by the bishop or minister of the Amish community, and it is a solemn and heartfelt event.

The bride and groom dress in traditional Amish attire, which includes simple and modest clothing. The bride wears a handmade dress, often in a solid color, and a white apron. She may also wear a prayer covering or a bonnet. The groom wears a dark suit and a plain hat.

During the ceremony, the couple exchanges vows and commits to a lifetime of love and devotion. Prayers are offered, and hymns are sung by the community members. The ceremony is usually conducted in the Pennsylvania German dialect, which is the language commonly spoken by the Amish.

After the ceremony, a festive meal is shared by the guests, which typically includes traditional Amish dishes such as chicken, mashed potatoes, homemade bread, and various pies. The meal is prepared by the women of the community, and it is a time for joyful celebration and fellowship.

Overall, an Amish wedding is a beautiful and meaningful event that showcases the community's deep faith, strong family bonds, and commitment to simplicity.

Who Can Attend an Amish Wedding?


Amish weddings are typically intimate affairs that involve close family members, friends, and members of the Amish community. The guest list is usually limited to those who have a personal connection to the couple and are part of their religious community.

In some cases, non-Amish guests may also be invited to an Amish wedding, especially if they have a close relationship with the couple or are considered part of the extended Amish community. However, it is important for non-Amish guests to respect and adhere to the customs and traditions of the Amish community during the wedding ceremony and celebrations.

Attending an Amish wedding offers a unique opportunity to experience the rich traditions and values of the Amish community. It is a chance to witness a deeply meaningful and heartfelt celebration of love and commitment, surrounded by the warmth and hospitality of the Amish people.

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