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What Is Mirajobs Anonymous Job Search and Why Does It Matter?

Mirajobs is a job-hunting startup out of Vancouver that's one of many organizations changing the game of career advancement.

Mirajobs looks like another version of Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, or any other job-hunting platform.

But it comes with one powerful advantage over those options — anonymity.

How Does Mirajobs Work?

Anonymity means that any candidate who signs up for Mirajobs has their name and contact information hidden.

Then, employers reach out to you to ask if you're interested in an interview after reviewing your merits and accomplishments.

If you want to talk to them, you can choose to reveal your identity to that employer only.

Everyone else only sees the anonymous profile — including your current boss and coworkers.

Why Is Mirajobs Important?

Before the creation of anonymous job search, your online options were basically re-colored versions of the same concept.

You created an account with an online job board, you posted your resume, you listed your contact information, and you applied to jobs you wanted to earn.

The only catch is that you always wound up retyping the same information — like your resume — for every single job in addition to uploading the resume and cover letter you already created.

Then, if you were unlucky, the person who received your job application knows your current boss, and you lose your job by searching for another job while you're currently employed.

To say it lightly, that whole situation is a bummer.

That's why anonymous job search is so important. It removes all of that extra work and all but eliminates the possibility that your current boss finds out you want a career move.

Best of all, the constant typing and retyping of your resume goes out the window. Instead, you have a consistent profile that attracts employers to you — you're not going to every job posting that attracts you to employers.

Overall, the whole system is much more user-friendly and safe for the prospects who want to fill different jobs.

The old system was fine — almost everyone has gotten a job through Indeed or Monster or ZipRecruiter — but innovation has caught up with it.

Now, candidates control the job hunt while employers fish for good-fit employees. And if you're not a good fit, you won't hear from a company.

That way, when you do interview through Mirajobs, you know you're interviewing with a company that has values that align with your own.

Do you value work-life balance? You don't have to interview for a job that will require you to be available seven days per week.

Do you value upward momentum? You don't have to interview for a job where the head of HR is an outside hire.

Finally, the Mirajobs method is so valuable because it plays a huge role in eliminating discrimination in hiring.

Because no one sees your name, face, race, clothing, or anything else, you're on a level playing field with every other candidate who an employer sees.

In other words, there's no presumption or judgment about you before you get to the interview — the part of the job-search process that is intended to judge you.

Altogether, Mirajobs makes it possible for you to bring employers to you (like they're applying for you to work for them), stay anonymous until you choose to reveal yourself, and keep your prospects open while you're currently working a job.

Conceptually, anonymous job search is one of the most important innovations in hiring in a long, long time.

How Much Does Mirajobs Cost?

Anonymous job-search platforms like Mirajobs are free for users, just like it's free for you to sign up for a social network or an email address.

Mirajobs earns revenue by charging employers to use its platform. So while you get to list your information for free and await someone to contact you, employers are paying the difference to ensure Mirajobs stays up and running.

This is important for a few reasons.

First, just like with social networks, Mirajobs treats its users as its product. Accessing its user database is valuable, and that's why Mirajobs makes employers pay for the access.

Their business model wouldn't work the other way around.

Second, it means that you're essentially guaranteed a passive, anonymous opportunity to acquire a new job at all times.

Since you don't have to pay anything, employers reach out to you, and you hide all of your personal information, you can keep your profile running for 30 years at no risk or cost to yourself.

Third, this makes Mirajobs accessible to everyone. Whether you're in middle management or looking to transition to another company's entry-level positions, you can use Mirajobs to help yourself get what you want.

With that in mind, there's just one more question to answer.

How Do You Start?

Signing up for Mirajobs only takes a few minutes, and it doesn't require any intensive personal information. (You're not giving over your social security number or anything.)

All you have to do is go to the site and get started!