53 Questions about Amish & Mennonites Answered by an Ex-Mennonite

Have you ever wondered about the lives and beliefs of the Amish and Mennonites? You’re not alone!

While small, these two Christian denominations form subcultures of their own that include a wide range of ideas, structures, beliefs, restrictions, and more. All of this is answered from the perspective of one ex-Mennonite, born and raised in Lancaster, PA among the Amish and with Amish family.

While there may not be academic or statistical information widely available for these subcultures, this book offers answers from the experience of one person. Hopefully, others will do the same to help offer a more well-rounded understanding of two of the least-understood (and maybe misunderstood) Christian denominations in the United States.

In this book, we address 53 individual questions, such as:

  • What are the differences between Amish & Mennonites?
  • Why don’t Amish men grow mustaches?
  • 21 common names for Amish women
  • Are the Amish a cult?
  • The guide to Amish & Mennonite vocabulary

All of these questions are further divided into categories:

  1. Religion
  2. Culture
  3. Language
  4. Marriage & Family
  5. Names
  6. Outside Perspective

If you’ve wondered about the answers to these questions — or you want the perfect gift for someone looking to expand their knowledge of the Amish and Mennonites — this book is for you!