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Nightforce ATACR vs. SHV: What's the Difference?

Nightforce is a renowned riflescope manufacturer in the United States, offering a wide range of scopes from a massive product line. Among that product line, the ATACR and SHV are considered among the best.

However, many people wonder what’s the difference between the two and which one is the better option? That is precisely what we will talk about in this piece. Let us begin by talking about the ATACR riflescope from Nightforce.

Nightforce ATACR Advantages

The Nightforce ATACR is a law enforcement and military riflescope. Its high grade construction is ideal for accurate shooting, especially during combat.

The manufacturer optimized this product for accuracy, which is why it is used by military and law enforcement personnel. Nightforce made this product especially for mid-range assault infantry and snipers and you may see these riflescopes used by militaries and SWAT teams across the globe.

The ATACR riflescope line is perfect for accurate shooting under duress, which is quite common in different live combat scenarios.

The pinpoint precision of this riflescope guarantees maximum accuracy, which is a must when you are involved in life or death situations.

Nightforce precision-engineered this riflescope’s lenses for optimum light dissemination, making sure you can see everything clearly even when you are in a dim area.

The ATACR riflescope also features treated lenses that let shooters to see everything in detail at extreme distances, allowing them to discern among obstacles, targets and more.

It would be fair to say that Nightforce went above and beyond to make sure the quality of these riflescopes is exceptional.

However, this also means that the ATACR is among the most expensive in the company’s vast arsenal, which is understandable, considering that manufacturing and engineering high end riflescopes with pinpoint accuracy takes time and a great deal of resources.

The ATACR scope’s overall track record is quite impressive. You may recognize these scopes if you have served in law enforcement or the military.

Intended for exceptional accuracy at long distances, Nightforce’s ATACR riflescope offers a fantastic level of clarity that is quite hard to find in riflescopes from other manufacturers.

This riflescope has a lightweight frame, quick adjustment turrets and parallax focus. It’s incredibly impressive zoom will make you feel like you’re just inches away from your target.

Also, despite this riflescopes pin point excellent precision, its durability is shockingly great.

This scope’s demand is quite high among long distance shooters involved in law enforcement or the military.

The ATACR would also be an excellent option for hobby shooters looking for the best scope in terms of high end accuracy.

Nightforce SHV Advantages

The SHV riflescopes by Nightforce are especially designed for hunters looking for reliable, high precision scopes that offer improve their accuracy.

The SHV scope is an excellent option for long and medium range shooters because of its versatility, range and plenty of other advantages. Like the ATACR riflescopes, the SHVs are also quite reliable and work quite well during extreme conditions thanks to their durable build.

One of the best things about these scopes is that they are repeatable. So if you adjust their windage and elevation dials to a certain setting, you will be able to move around and fire shots in different locations with ease.

The repeatability, ruggedness and reliability of the Nightforce SHV make it an incredibly versatile option in today’s market.

People looking for high value in small packages will especially like the Nightforce SHV. These riflescopes have an incredibly powerful magnification range, making them an excellent solution for different shooting applications, ranging from competitive shooting to big game hunting.

Since these riflescopes come with different reticle types, you can adjust them according to different shooting situations.

While these scopes are quite compact, their neat features and seamless design rivals the best high-end riflescopes in the market.

For instance, the assembly of the Nightforce riflescope’s objective lenses utilizes a multi-element design for maximizing color accuracy, resolution, light transmission, exit pupil size and image clarity.

What’s more, these lenses go through a procedure known as optical indexing, in which workers align them by hand to ensure they offer the best optical performance.

The tubes of the SHV scopes are made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy, making them a fantastic option for hobby and competitive hunters. These features offer excellent thermal stability, a stable shield for protecting precision optics in the tube and reduce stress significantly.

These riflescopes by Nightforce are waterproof and recoil proof, which means you can use them even in wet conditions. Finally, the manufacturer thoroughly checks these scopes to maintain the high-quality Nightforce products are famous for.

Nightforce ATACR vs. SHV: What Is Right for You?

While the Nightforce ATACR and SHV both are high quality product, both serve different purposes. The former is an ideal option for military and law enforcement personnel who find themselves in tense combat situations.

The ATACR’s lenses have exceptional range, allowing you to spot your target from long distances and discern them from various objects. The lightweight frame of these scopes allows you to move freely while under duress, another reason why it is considered a law enforcement and military riflescope.

As far as the SHV scope goes, it is best suited for competitive and hobby hunters. This scope is recoil proof and water proof, which means you can even use it when it’s raining.

The compact design of this cope means that you can conceal yourself from your target and focus on getting the right shot. What’s more, the maximized color accuracy and excellent magnification range makes the SHV riflescope a delight for big game hunters.

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Now that you know the difference and advantages of the Nightforce ATACR and Nightforce SHV, you can make a well informed decision on which one would suit your needs the best.