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Nightforce SHV vs. NXS: What's the Difference?

Nightforce is famous for its diverse range of riflescopes. The NXS and SHV series are another addition to the company’s vast collection.

While most products from this world renowned brand share similarities, there are many differences as well.

If you came across the SHV and NXS scopes, you may be wondering about the differences between the two and thinking which option would suit your needs.

Well, that is exactly what we will talk about in this piece. Let's start by discussing what the Nightforce SHV has to offer.



Nightforce SHV Advantages

The SHV riflescope by Nightforce comes with two types of reticles: the MOAR and Forceplex. These reticles offer additional options like non-illumination and center illumination. When using the Forceplex reticle, you will get coverage for almost any type of hunting related operation.

The MOAR reticle, on the other hand, will be suitable for different tactical situations and offers eye relief around 3.5 in.

As far as the windage adjustments and the elevation is concerned the SHV is capable of compensating elevation around 90 MOA.

However, this depends on the model you are working with and the wind drift of the area you are in. You will also get a side parallax adjustment starting from twenty five yards to infinity.

This scope’s turrets use Nightforce’s Zero Set technology that allows you to go beyond the zero point, meaning that you will need to be alert to ensure you’re at zero. These turrets are quite soft and their clicks are audible.

The housing material used for Nightforce’s scopes is fantastic and it is not different for the SHV model.

This material can easily withstand high vibration and recoiling from calibration. Besides the durable and strong body, the SHV scope also has a fog proof and anti-reflective lens.

What’s more, the weight of this scope is around 22 ounces, which Is quite low, especially when you compare it to other scopes in the market.

The lightweight, robust build, anti-reflective lens and other features mentioned-above make the Nightforce SHV a fantastic option for big game hunters and hobby hunters.

Nightforce NXS Advantages

The Nightforce NXS scope provides you with MOAR 20 MOA and MOAR T reticles. These are ideal when targeting at long distances, making it an excellent option for military personnel. This scope does not come with a non-illumination feature and its eye relief is around 4 inches.

The NXS Nightforce scope offers a variable range for windage and elevation adjustments, going up to one hundred MOA. However, this depends on the magnification users choose.

The parallax adjustment begins at fifty yards to infinity. This scope’s turrets include come with the Zero Stop feature, in which the turrets stop at 0, allowing you to disengage it manually for resetting it. The turrets of the NXS are more durable than the ones found in the SHV models.

This scopes body is quite similar to the Nightforce SHV and its waterproof lens can withhold large caliber recoiling with relative ease. The NXS scope is especially ideal for cartridges of .50 BMG, making it a reliable option for military personnel.

Plus, the 32 ounce weight of this scope is a bit heavy, especially compared to the SHV riflescopes.

Nightforce SHV vs. NXS: What’s Right for You?

You may not notice too many differences between the NXS and the SHV at first type as their features are quite similar.

However, even the slightest difference in a scope can make a massive difference in the field of military operations and hunting. This is why it is important to discern the contrasting features of the two scopes.

First off, there is a noticeable weight difference between the Nightforce SHV and the Nightforce NHS, with the former being lighter and the latter being on the heavier side.

Both scopes come with multiple objective lenses users can choose from. The SHV and NXS offer a variety of reticle options, suitable for a wide range of shooting purposes.

It is also worth keeping in mind that both options come with minimum eye relief, with both being slightly different from one another. The eye relief for the Nightforce SHV is 3.5 inches while the NXS’s eye relief is 3.9 to 4 inches.

As far as the glass used for both scopes is concerned, they NXS scopes use the same glass found on SHV riflescopes.

While the power range options for both models are very similar, there are some small differences. For instance, the SHV’s lowest power range is around 3 to 10 while the NXS’s lowest power range is around 2.5 to 10.

When choosing between the two, make sure you keep the differences mentioned above in mind. As stated earlier, the Nightforce SHV is an ideal option for hunters because of its relatively light weight, strong body, anti-reflective lens, etc.

However, if you are from the law enforcement or the military and find yourself in tense combat situations, the NXS may be more suitable for you. Its heavier weight makes it and ability to withhold recoil makes it perfect to handle when targeting while moving around.

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Now that you know about the contrasting features of the NXS and SHV models, it would be fair to say that both scopes offer exceptional quality, especially in terms of durability, turrets and magnification. At the end of the day, both options serve a different purpose and it would be best to choose the model that would suit your specific needs.

While it may seem like the Nightforce SHV riflescope has the better features, both scopes have distinct qualities that serve different purposes. Remember to consider the weight difference, eye relief and other features to determine the right option for you.

As far as the quality goes, Nightforce checks all of its products for quality before releasing them. Therefore, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that both the SHV and NXS scopes are made with the care and attention to detail that Nightforce is famous for.