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Nightforce vs. Leupold: What're the Differences?

Nightforce and Leupold are two manufacturers of riflescopes that are well-known throughout the United States.

But what makes their products different? How do the companies differ? And what makes one company a better fit for a shooter than another?

On this page, we'll examine both companies to determine their strengths so that you can match those up to what you want from your rifle optics.

First, we'll start by talking about Nightforce and then jump into Leupold.

Then, we'll compare both companies and their products, including their most popular riflescopes.

Overview: Nightforce Optics

Nightforce is one of the most well-known night optics companies in the USA. They specialize in night time tactical activities, which is why they offer night vision compatible riflescopes for hunters and target shooters who want to hunt in low light conditions.

Nightforce optics are developed by US military professionals who know what soldiers need in night time actions.

This brand has 30 years of experience developing night vision equipment that is used by armed forces across the world.

The company's slogan, "Zero you can depend on," tells all about their products' quality — they're accurate and reliable even when it comes to hunting during night times.

Some Nightforce riflescopes offer parallax correction with a 100 yard parallax setting, which provides almost no parallax error in a night time hunting situation. That means you will have to keep your face in the riflescope when shooting, so it's essential to have a night vision compatible riflescope if you plan on hunting at night.

When night time comes and people use night vision scopes, they're able to see long distances thanks to their image intensifier tubes that amplify even the smallest amount of light coming from distant objects.

In addition, they produce bright images using two or more intensifier tubes that increase contrast between objects in order to see them better.

Nightforce riflescopes also offer wide field of view along with superior light transmission abilities, high resolution lenses for detailed images, and high magnification levels that allow night hunters to identify game.

Overview: Leupold

Leupold was formed by Gengewehr Precision Works and Alvin M. Owsley Company, which were bought out by businessman Edward J. Kuhlman in 1920 to form the Zenith-Owsley Company.

The brand name was changed to Leupold & Stevens, Inc. after two more mergers occurred with La Belle and the IORG Co., as well as Vetta II--by now, it became clear that there would never be another buyer for this company again.

These days, Leupold is now one of the world's leading producers of optical equipment such as telescopes used for hunting, night vision riflescopes, night vision rifle accessories, and spotting scopes used for hunting.

The company was originally based in Beaverton, Oregon and is now located in Wisconsin and is a subsidiary of the Meade Instruments Corporation.

Leupold's reputation of high quality optics with high magnification levels began more than 100 years ago when the brand was known as Leupold & Stevens Inc., which started out by making optical equipment such as rangefinders and binoculars.

During World War II, Leupold worked with Landers, Frary & Clark to develop night vision devices that were used during the war.

Nowadays, they're still considered one of the best night vision riflescope brands on the market today — in fact, the night vision riflescopes they produce are used by night hunters all across America.

Overall, Leupold is a world-famous night vision rifle scopes brand from the USA that was started out as a family business more than 100 years ago.

Comparison: Nightforce vs. Leupold

Nightforce and Leupold each have different niches in night optics — one of them specializes in night hunting riflescopes while the other offers night vision devices to military personnel for use during special operations.

However, both companies have their strengths and weaknesses so it's important to know what you need before choosing a night time scope for deer hunting or a rangefinder for long-distance shooting.

That's why we've created this article comparing night vision equipment from Nightforce vs. Leupold so that you can learn more about each night vision riflescope from its pros and cons--check out our night vision scopes comparison chart to get a quick comparison of night vision scope features...

When it comes down to it, Nightforce riflescopes are a better fit for night time hunters who need night vision riflescopes with long-distance capabilities for deer hunting.

On the other hand, Leupold is a night optics brand that's best suited for night time tactical missions involving target acquisition since all their products are military grade.

For example, if you're looking for a night vision rifle sight as part of your home defense system or on your patrol rifle, then you definitely want the durability and quality night vision image of Leupold night vision rifle scopes.

So, there you have it — you can now compare night optic brands from Nightforce vs. Leupold and decide which night vision riflescope brand is right for your night time hunting or tactical night missions with a night time scope comparison chart.

If you're interested in the best night optics available on the market today, simply visit our homepage where we review night vision scopes from all night vision equipment brands available on the market today.

In addition, they produce bright images using two or more intensifier tubes that increase contrast and resolution.

However, night vision binoculars are only effective during night time hours and do not allow you to see long distances like night vision rifle scopes.

If you were looking for night vision goggles, night vision monoculars, or night Vision weapon sights then Nightforce is a better brand that offers durable night vision devices that produce bright images even in complete darkness using intensifier tubes that collect ambient light.

Leupold night optics offer a number of different products including riflescopes used by target shooters, hunters, and law enforcement officers who need night vision compatible optics such as the VX-Freedom line perfect for hunting deer at night time due to its illuminated reticle and 11 brightness settings for low light conditions.

This particular night vision riflescope is night vision compatible with an objective lens that's perfect for night time hunting.

However, the key difference between night vision binoculars vs. night vision rifle scopes is that night vision binos are like wearing night goggles whereas night vision riflescopes resemble looking through a scope during day time conditions albeit with fast focus eyepieces and larger reticles to compensate for nighttime darkness.

Nightforce vs. Leupold Pros & Cons

When it comes down to comparing money-saving night optics brands like Nightforce vs. Leupold, both companies offer high-tech night optics but they're designed for different purposes — night hunting or tactical operations at night using target acquisition night vision equipment.

Nightforce riflescopes are night hunting optics designed for night time hunters to shoot deer at night using night vision scopes with high-powered magnification and large objective lenses so that the animals can be identified in low light conditions even if they're 100 yards away.

This is because night vision riflescopes from Leupold produce bright images through intensifier tubes that allow you to see long distances during night time hours.

Leupold night Vision equipment, on the other hand, is designed for use by military personnel and law enforcement officers who use it as part of their arsenal such as Elite 4200 series riflescopes, which includes the famous Leupold 113860 Mark 4 CQ/T night vision riflescope.

Now, let's address the big question: Which riflescope manufacturer is right for you?

Nightforce vs. Leupold: Which Is Right for You?

At the end of the day, Nightforce & Leupold are fairly comparable. However, they differ in one major way.

Nightforce primarily makes riflescopes for hunting purposes, and Leupold is more focused on the police, military, and para-military market. It's important to note that both companies make riflescopes in addition to their primary markets, and it's possible to purchase military-grade riflescopes from Nightforce just like you can purchase hunting scopes from Leupold.

But when it comes down to the primary goals of each company, there is a definite difference in their primary focus.

This can also mean that some Nightforce scopes will be more affordable than Leupold riflescopes since they're manufactured to different specifications and intended for different shooters. That said, Leupold still has some affordable riflescopes — they're just not made to the same grade as their premium products.

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