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Do Baby Shushers Really Work?

Chris weighs in on the almost-too-good-to-be-true product world of baby shushers. Do baby shushers really help your baby stop crying?

Read his answer for yourself.

The 5 Ultimate Groomsman Gifts (and Why They’re Awesome)

Chris places a lot of thought (probably too much, to be honest) into the best groomsman gifts you can get for your team when you get married.

The First-Time Dad Essentials Kit

Chris relays pretty much every single item he wish he had in preparation for his son’s birth. Learn through reading what he had to learn through panicked Amazon purchases and grocery store runs.

Top 5 Acoustic Guitars Perfect for Beginners

Chris (who apparently has a lot to say) uses his 20 years of finger-picking experience to weigh the pros and cons of some beginner guitars.

7 Most Worth-It Purchases for Any Gent

Chris (again) cruises through seven items that have outstanding staying power and give you some fantastic bang for your buck.

The 9 Essential Hand Tools for Any Gent’s Home Toolbox (for Less Than $120)

Chris lists off the nine hand tools he used to fix up his place when he became a homeowner.


4 Laptops We Love (Especially for Marketing)

Chris goes through four laptops and talks about how they can work for digital marketers because that’s what he does 40+ hours per week.

4 Professional Development Books for Social Media Marketing

Chris runs through some of the best books he’s read in his career about social media marketing.

4 Great Books for Setting Goals

Chris discusses four of the books that taught him how to set, pursue, and accomplish different goals.

Review: J&Z Classical Guitar

Learn whether it’s worth your time, money, and effort to pick up the J&Z classical guitar with our review.

4 Best Digital Laptops for Different Budgets

Looking for a digital laptop to purchase? These are the best 4 on the market at different price points.

Is PIA VPN Worth It? (From Someone Who Uses It)

Is Private Internet Access VPN worth the cost? Learn the features, pros, and cons from our site.

4 Best Books about Lancaster, PA

Discover the 4 best books about Lancaster, PA here.

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