Lancaster Limelight Podcast: Ross Stockdale

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The first room you see when you enter Ross Stockdale’s house is the living room. It’s furnished like any other living room, complete with a desk, three couches, and plenty of books. The couches are centered around a small square coffee table with a chess board on top. About half of the pieces are tipped over, the whole setup in front of a small mantle and fireplace.

The desk is home to Ross’s computer, which he affectionately calls his office, just at the base of the stairs. There’s a dining room, a nice kitchen, and a shockingly handsome cat named Hal. Seriously – he’s the size of a basset hound.

But with all of the things this house has, there’s one surprising thing that’s missing. Or at least it would be missing, if it was important to be present.

There’s no television.

Sure – there’s a computer and a few monitors. But there’s no television. There are places to gather and books to read and games to play and pets to… pet. But there’s no television.

As I leafed through a shelf of old paperbacks, I understood why. James Joyce. Ayn Rand. James Stockdale. With this many good books, who needs TV?

That was just the beginning, though. As Ross and I talked, I caught a glimpse of a man who is undoubtedly well-read. Pragmatic, driven, disciplined, determined, and a little bit nerdy — everyone should get a chance to meet Ross in person.

That’s why he’s the first subject of the Gents’ new podcast: Lancaster Limelight.

Lancaster, meet Ross Stockdale.

Lancaster Limelight: Ross Stockdale

So yeah, that’s Ross Stockdale. Or at least, that’s the cliffnotes version of Ross Stockdale.

[Non-Spotify episode below.]

Check him out on his social profiles when you get a chance. He’s an all around nice guy — an absolute MUST for your LinkedIn.

I also have to give Ross credit for working through this first episode with me. Like any first attempt at something, this recording and publication process had its hiccups. Ross was solid through all of it.

Did I say he was dependable in the intro? It doesn’t matter – I’d say it twice. I can’t thank him enough for being the first person to speak with me for Lancaster Limelight.

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