Lancaster Limelight Podcast: Micah Aumen

The mind of Micah Aumen is always running at full speed. Whether he’s focused on being the best statistician possible or reflecting on his life’s goals, you can see the gears turning as he talks.

It’s obvious he’s spent years incubating the ideas that he discusses, especially those that tread into existential territory. They’re the thoughts of someone who realized — and continues to realize — that there’s always more to learn and experience in life.

You may not expect that from looking at him. With a fine beard, shoulder-length black hair, stainless steel piercings, and preference for Thai food, you may have met someone who at least looks like Micah outwardly.

But when he speaks, you’re not just meeting a new person. You’re entering a unique conversation about life, relationships, and how to deal with all of it — one that you haven’t had before and you may not ever have again.

That’s Micah. He’s a rich vein of dichotomies, apparent contradictions, and sometimes even opposing values — but he’s figured out how to make that work, and he’s figured out how to make it uniquely him.

No matter who you meet in Lancaster, you probably haven’t met anyone like Micah before.

Lancaster, meet Micah Aumen.

As of the last episode in Lancaster Limelight, you’ve probably noticed that we play ads now. As a person, I’ve never been a fan of ads before. But as a podcaster, I understand their importance.

That’s why I want to thank everyone who listens to the ads in our podcasts. You really do help us keep the lights on and continue interviewing interesting people around Lancaster.

The more you listen, the more we can do this in the future.

That’s why you’re the best. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I also want to talk about the Lancaster County Community Foundation. This is a county-wide nonprofit that invests in emerging opportunities in Lancaster. They offer grants and scholarships, and you can support them with simple donations. If you’d like to help them make a long-term impact within Lancaster, just go to to donate. That’s to donate.

That’s all for now. Let’s get back to Micah.

So that’s Micah Aumen, one of the more existential and independently-minded individuals you may meet in Lancaster City.

I hope you could take some great ideas away form our conversation. We may have to have him on the show again sometime, because there’s clearly more we can talk about in Lancaster Limelight.

If you’d like your time in the limelight, just reach out to the Gents of Lancaster at any point. You can email us at

We read everything we get, and we respond to everything we read.

We’d love to hear from you.


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