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What Airlines Fly to Lancaster Airport (LNS)?

Lancaster Airport (LNS) is a small, local airport that operates out of Lititz, PA in Lancaster County.

Despite being best-known for the Amish and Mennonites, Lancaster County has been home to this airport since 1935, making it a historic landmark and popular event spot.

Its facilities are also home to 24 different businesses and 230 on-site employees, contributing roughly $50 million dollars to the local economy every year.

But, to be clear, it is also an active airport.

So what airlines actually fly into Lancaster Airport?

It turns out there's just one.

The Only Airline in Lancaster Airport: Southern Airways Express

Southern Airways Express is the single airline that flies in or out of Lancaster Airport.

In fact, on the Lancaster Airport website, clicking the "Book a Flight" link takes you to the Southern Airways Express website.

That's because Lancaster Airport is simply too small to house anything more. The fact that it's home to a single airline is somewhat surprising given its size and relatively close proximity to Philadelphia International (PHL) and Baltimore-Washington International (BWI).

Southern Airways Express offers flights to a number of different airports that are about the same size as LNS (or smaller), including Bradford and Altoona.

The airline itself is appropriately small, and it only operates in three geographic areas, none of which are obviously connected.

These areas include the Mid-Atlantic (where Lancaster is situated), New England, and the Gulf.

The catch is that Southern Airways Express does connect to several major airports, including BWI. This means that you probably won't be able to take a plane from Lancaster to your favorite vacation destination, but you can at least get to the airport that will take you the rest of the way.

Consequently, Southern Airways Express is just one of many services that LNS offers. It also has flight schools, aircraft rentals, flying clubs, and charter flights (among others).

What if You Need an International Flight?

To fly further than the Mid-Atlantic region from LNS, we recommend getting a connecting flight to BWI. It's an incredibly short flight (about 40 minutes), and BWI works with almost every major airline in the country and several internationals.

It's true that you may only be in the air for about two episodes of The Simpsons, but it can still be a fun way to travel if you love the freedom of flying.

Otherwise, you're better off driving or taking the train to a major international airport to travel long distances.

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