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Where Can You Fly from Lancaster Airport (LNS)?

Lancaster Airport (LNS) is a small commercial business in Lititz, PA that caters to a handful of flights every year.

If you've never heard of Lancaster Airport, you're not wrong. It's one of only two airports in Lancaster County, and it's the only commercial airport.

So with that in mind, where can you actually go from Lancaster Airport?

It turns out you have two immediate options: Baltimore and Pittsburgh.

1. Baltimore, MD

Lancaster Airport connects with Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) in Baltimore, MD.

This might sound trivial because BWI is only 84 1/2 miles away from LNS, which is about an hour-and-a-half drive.

But if you wanted to — or if you wanted to take a short joyride in the sky — you can fly directly to BWI from LNS.

It takes about 40 minutes to fly there directly.

So is it worthwhile to go from LNS to BWI?

Probably not.

But if you own your own plane that's kept at LNS or you want to roll into BWI in a tiny aircraft that only seats you and your friends (which could be a great bachelor party), then it could be fun.

Definitely not practical — but definitely fun.

2. Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is the other option you have for flying out of LNS.

This distance is a little more understandable when it comes to flying versus driving. Pittsburgh is a full 239 miles away from Lancaster, or roughly a four-hour drive.

However, the flight time is about an hour and a half to fly there directly. That means you can fly to Pittsburgh in about the same amount of time that it takes you to drive to Baltimore.

This is a little more palatable for anyone who doesn't like the Pennsylvania Interstate, despite how scenic it can be.

Still, prices are hard to find online, so it's unclear if it's really worth the cash once all is said and done.

Along the same lines, it also seems pretty fun to fly to Pittsburgh out of Lancaster. It's hard to imagine a scenario where there would be more than half a dozen people on the plane, which would again make it great for bachelor parties.

But there's one thing we should mention about both of these locations before you jet-set to the nearest major metropolis that isn't Philadelphia.

(We're not sure why LNS doesn't fly to PHL, by the way.)

Direct flights vs. layovers.

Direct Flights vs. Layovers from LNS to BWI & LNS to PIT

This is the asterisk on the end of us saying that you can fly to BWI and PIT from LNS.

Direct flights are insanely short. BWI is so short that it almost seems unreasonable to fly there.

But these flights are only so short when they're direct.

LNS only has one commercial airline flying out of it on a regular basis. It's called Southern Airways Express, and it's small compared to bigwigs like Delta and Southwest.

This airline only has a handful of aircraft, so it has to make stops along its route. It can't always afford to go directly from LNS to BWI or LNS to PIT because the distance is so short and tickets are proportionately cheap.

That means, paradoxically, you could get a ticket that takes you to several other stops before you ever make it to BWI or PIT.

In fact, at the time of writing this, we found multiple flights from LNS to PIT that are slated to take multiple days up to 50 hours.

(Thanks, Google Flights.)

So, yes, you can fly to BWI or PIT out of LNS.


You could also drive there.

Or take the train. Trains are cool too.

But in 50 hours, you could walk from Lancaster to Baltimore and back again with a few spare hours for lunch.

It's up to you whether to fly out of LNS to BWI or to take LNS to PIT.

But you could probably drive instead.

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