Disclosure from Gents of Lancaster

If you’ve read anything on the Gents of Lancaster blog, you’ll notice that we recommend a lot of stuff. Products, bars, liquors — we have a lot on our mind, and we usually link to places where you can buy it.

That’s no accident!

The stuff we recommend is all either reviewed by us personally (like shaving supplies) or it’s caught our eye so much that we figure everyone should know about it (like ugly Christmas sweaters).

Most of the time, we’ll link to those things via Amazon. If you’ve clicked any of those links, you may have also noticed that they’re insanely long and filled with garbled HTML mumbo-jumbo.

Those URLs are made that way because we have something called an affiliate account with Amazon. In a nutshell, that means Amazon pays us a cut of every product someone buys after clicking one of our URLs.

This doesn’t amount to much money — but it’s enough to cover the Gents of Lancaster website expenses and the cost of hosting.

We use our own money for all of the products and experiences we discuss. Our main goal is to break even on website costs, which we recoup with those Amazon URLs.

So if you’re ever wondering why 90% or more of our links go to Amazon, that’s why! Every time you buy from one of those links, you help Gents of Lancaster keep the lights on a little bit longer. Thanks for visiting the Gents! If you want to continually support us, you can always shop at Amazon using our special link.