4 Best Marketing Books on Social Media

Social media marketing books form the core of essential knowledge about promoting your company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

But where do you start with social media? And how can you make sure that you’re getting the most from marketing on social media in general?

We set out to find the four best social media marketing books that you can use to prep for a campaign, launch it, and collect the data you need to verify that it’s working for you.


Book Summary #1. 500 Social Media Marketing Tips | Andrew Macarthy

500 Social Media Marketing Tips by Andrew Macarthy

500 Social Media Marketing Tips is an outstanding book that’s written like an enormous blog post for anyone to read.

Author Andrew Macarthy has a knack for presenting social media marketing strategies in such a way that anyone can understand them from first-time newbie to seasoned veteran.

Along the way, Macarthy discusses concepts like branding, brand awareness, customer loyalty, and good old-fashioned sales to underline his points about why social media marketing is important.

The major selling point of Macarthy’s work is that he’s direct. Every single word has a purpose, and every single point is easy to understand.

There are no convoluted metaphors. There are no hard-to-follow stories. There’s no pointless self-promotion.

When Macarthy says he’s giving you 500 social media marketing tips, that’s exactly what you’re getting.

In that regard, that makes Macarthy’s book perfect for individuals who have short attention spans or low tolerances for books that take too long to get started.

After all, we’ve all had a book in our hands that’s made us say “What is this person talking about,” and it’s never a good experience.

Within his list of tips, Macarthy gives unique insight into constructing a social media marketing plan, growing social media followings on every network, and more.

Overall, this is an excellent book for an entry-level social media marketer to read. It’s also a great refresher for someone who’s been working in social media for years!


Book Summary 2. Social Media Marketing All-in-One for Dummies | Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng

Social Media Marketing All-in-One for Dummies by Jan Zimmerman & Deborah Ng

Social Media Marketing All-in-One for Dummies is the famous Dummies book dynasty’s take on social media marketing.

As the cover boasts, this book is actually an omnibus of nine books that discuss social media marketing in-depth.

In that regard, the biggest advantage of this book is that it’s an unbeatable reference point for social media.

The downside of that is that this book has a lot — and we mean a lot — of extra fluff that you probably don’t need to read in order to understand social media marketing.

It’s not necessarily the fault of the authors or editors, but it’s just how some people write.

Still, authors Jan Zimmerman and Deborah Ng proceed to make some compelling and airtight points about the nature of social media marketing and how you can use it.

All of their information is based around the ideas of earning new leads and converting them into customers. That’s a relatable premise for any businessperson since it directly affects your bottom line.

Most notably, Zimmerman and Ng include best practices on how you can keep up with the ever-changing world of social media marketing, making their book one of the few resources that’s actually time-proof.

(Often, information about digital marketing is outdated within a year at best.)

With analytics data, posting recommendations, and a ton of other valuable information, this book is ideal for a social media marketer who wants to learn as much as humanly possible about the subject.

You won’t find many other books that are as comprehensive as this one!


Book Summary 3. Social Media Marketing Workbook: 2018 Edition | Jason MacDonald, Ph.D.

Social Media Marketing Workbook: 2018 Edition by Jason MacDonald, Ph.D.

Social Media Marketing Workbook is a valuable addition to any marketer’s library because it’s an actual workbook that lets you learn as you go.

Dr. Jason MacDonald has a wealth of knowledge that he puts to good use in his book, which is refreshed annually to keep up with the latest in social media marketing practices.

The biggest advantage to Dr. MacDonald’s book is that he’s an educator through-and-through. He’s a professor at Stanford University — widely considered to be the “Ivy League of the West” — and gives you worksheets, video links, and other resources that you can use to teach yourself.

In that regard, the value of Dr. MacDonald’s work is that it focuses on interactive learning. You don’t just read and attempt to use that reading in practical measures — you actually learn the information by reading it, answering questions, and pursuing addition information online.

This all makes Dr. MacDonald’s book ideal for individuals who don’t learn well from straight-up reading. You get a litany of different resources at your fingertips with this book, and all of them can help you figure out the ins and outs of social media marketing.


The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users | Guy Kawasaki

The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users by Guy Kawasaki

The Art of Social Media is a leading book on the knowledge and skills required to make the most of your social media marketing strategy.

This book comes straight from Guy Kawasaki, a marketer who considers himself an “evangelist” instead of a traditional advertiser.

However, Kawasaki isn’t a dreamer or some unproven rookie when it comes to social media. He has tried-and-true methods that he developed himself while working on the marketing teams for Apple (yes, that Apple) and Canva.

With that in mind, there’s literally no one better in the world from whom to get your social media information than Kawasaki. He’s built a brand empire around himself and the companies he’s helped create.

And he’s started from scratch every time.

He’s been in the trenches of social media marketing from the beginning. If there’s ever been someone you want to know in the world of marketing, make it Kawasaki.

All of his knowledge and experience is contained in this book. If you want to be like one of the greats, buy this book.

It’ll pay for itself within a year.