Review: J&Z Classical Guitar

Is the J&Z classical guitar worth the money? Does it actually sound good? Most importantly, what should you know before you buy it?

We’ve briefly discussed the J&Z classical guitar before, but we’ve never given it an honest review.

Here’s how we’re breaking down our review:

  1. Pros & cons of the guitar
  2. What makes this guitar different?
  3. Who should buy this guitar?
  4. Who should play this guitar?
  5. Is the guitar worth the money?

With that in mind, let’s talk about the pros and cons of the J&Z classical guitar.

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1. Pros & Cons of the J&Z Classical Guitar

Before we get into the specifics, let’s give a quick overview of the pros and cons of the J&Z classical guitar.


Generally speaking, these are the benefits of the J&Z classical guitar:

  • Affordability
  • Portability
  • Ease of use
  • Comprehensiveness (all-in-one package)
  • Replaceable

We’ll dive more into these benefits in our full review.

Still, we should acknowledge the cons.


These are the handful of criticisms that have been levied against the J&Z classical guitar:

  • Cheap / flimsy
  • Easy to break
  • Poor sound quality
  • Difficult to keep in tune
  • Unrealistic or even embarrassing to use on stage

With that said, let’s get into what makes this guitar so different!

2. What Makes the J&Z Classical Guitar Different?

The J&Z classical guitar is different from other options in a few key ways. It’s important to understand these differences because many of them can mean good things for the player — but other qualities may have negative implications.

With that said, here is the quick rundown of what sets the J&Z classical guitar apart.

It’s for Beginners

First, the J&Z classical guitar is designed for beginners. This includes anyone from children to adults who are picking up a guitar for the first time.

This has a huge impact on how the guitar is designed and crafted. Creating a guitar for beginners means making it as easy as possible to perform finger movements, chord transitions, and the other precise motions that someone needs to start playing well.

Most importantly, that means this guitar has to make sure new players don’t get discouraged when playing. This is hard to do from a design standpoint, but it comes down to giving a good sound while allowing it to be relatively affordable.

In addition to being made specifically for beginners, the J&Z classical guitar also comes with another distinct difference from most other guitars.

It Uses Nylon Strings

The J&Z classical guitar is made to work with nylon strings.

In fact, all classical guitars do. So why is this being called a “difference?”

For the vast majority of guitars in use today, they use metal strings. This is the sound most people are familiar with hearing from an acoustic guitar. They resonate and vibrate much longer than nylon strings, and they have a much more pronounced (“punchier”) sound.

Nylon strings are much quieter, by comparison. They don’t “punch.” Instead, they create a satisfying meld of multiple notes into chords. This makes the J&Z classical guitar great for playing rhythm guitar, as opposed to lead guitar.

Still, its nylon strings can do a lot in terms of soloing and playing melodies. The hard part with both of those concepts is that they often require intermediate or advanced players to do successfully.

As a result, someone getting the J&Z classical guitar will most likely stick to strumming the nylon strings to create satisfying chords.

In addition to its strings, there’s another important difference to mark with this guitar.

It’s 3/4 Size

Guitars come in a variety of sizes. Generally speaking, most of them are full, dreadnought, or 3/4 size.

Full is the standard size. Dreadnought is bigger. 3/4 size is smaller.

3/4 size guitars have much of the same sound and note range as other guitar sizes. The main differences are the size and weight.

3/4 sized guitars tend to be easier for smaller individuals — like children — to get their arms around and play. They’re also much lighter, and their weight distribution is much more even than larger guitars.

In other words, a 3/4 size guitar is just easier for someone to move and carry. It’s great for someone new to the guitar as an instrument.

3. Who Should Buy the J&Z Classical Guitar?

Let’s answer the next big question — who is this guitar for?


The first audience for the J&Z classical guitar is a beginner who is just learning how to play. This guitar is a great way for that person to learn and grow as a string musician.

Gift Givers

The second audience is someone looking to purchase a gift for someone who wants to learn to play guitar, but they don’t want to spend hundreds (or thousands) on a name-brand guitar yet. It’s relatively inexpensive, and it could give the recipient a chance to grow into a lifelong passion of music performance.

Music Teachers

The third audience is music teachers. Because the J&Z classical guitar is so affordable, that also make sit ideal for purchasing in bulk for an introductory guitar class. If they break, warp, or get stolen, they’re easy to replace.


The fourth audience is collectors. These are people who buy guitars because they like having options, and the J&Z classical guitar is always an option — even if it’s not made for pros.

4. Who Should Play the J&Z Classical Guitar?

You’ll mostly see beginners playing the J&Z classical guitar. Sometimes, you may see someone performing with one at a coffee shop or smaller venue as well. That’s because the 3/4 size makes this guitar portable.

Generally speaking, you’ll probably see it when someone is practicing, on the road, or in a music class.

Otherwise, there are many more eye-catching and ear-pleasing guitars that a musician can choose. The J&Z classical guitar probably doesn’t have the staying power in a professional musician’s on-stage inventory since Fender, Martin, Taylor, and other options exist.

5. Is the J&Z Classical Guitar Worth the Money?

Yes. Absolutely. 100%. The J&Z classical guitar is worth the price (and probably then some).

This guitar is so unbelievably affordable that it might barely make a dent in someone’s long-term budget. It may not always feel good to take that cash from your paycheck, but it’s certainly more reasonable than buying the newest smartphone, a second laptop, or something else.

Plus, if you treat it right, the J&Z classical guitar can last someone for years! That already gives you more value than the latest electronics that are fashionable, but have to be replaced on an annual basis.

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